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The world's second largest diamond was recently found in Botswana by Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond Corp. It measures 1,111 carats - which is about the size of a tennis ball!

Did you know?

Mining Matters has reached an estimated 600,000 teachers, students and members of the public since its inception in 1994.

Mining Matters
 has collaborated with the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines to create non-technical, friendly and approachable resources that generate excitement and curiosity about the land beneath our feet from an Ontario Perspective. Designed for an audience from 6 to 86 years! 

Rocks of Ontario Guide

Rocks of Ontario-high rez_Page_1  Rocks of Ontario-high rez_Page_2
The Rocks of Ontario Guide features rocks commonly found in Ontario and the processes that shaped them. Download your copy here!

FRENCH-Rocks of Ontario-high rez_Page_1  FRENCH-Rocks of Ontario-high rez_Page_2
Le Guide des roches de l’Ontario présente plusieurs roches couramment retrouvées en Ontario ainsi que les processus derrière leur formation. Téléchargez votre exemplaire ici!

Fossils of Ontario Guide

Mining Matters Fossils of Ontario-HighRez_Page_1  Mining Matters Fossils of Ontario-HighRez_Page_2
The Fossils of Ontario Guide features fossils commonly found in Ontario and how life, even millions of years old, has been preserved. Download your copy here!

FRENCH-Mining Matters Fossils of Ontario-high rez_Page_1  FRENCH-Mining Matters Fossils of Ontario-high rez_Page_2
Le Guide des fossiles de l’Ontario présente plusieurs fossiles couramment retrouvés en Ontario et explique comment les formes de vie, mêmes celles d’il y a plusieurs millions d’années, ont été préservées. Téléchargez votre exemplaire ici!