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About Mining Rocks Earth Science Programs

Mining Rocks Earth Science Programs provide an exciting educational experience in a camp or classroom setting, tailored to the audience and unique needs of the community. Frequently, participants engage with industry professionals which can also include mine and exploration site visits.

Each program is specially tailored to fit the identified needs of each community. Several key objectives guide the development and delivery of our programs:

    • To enhance knowledge of the practical applications of Earth science particularly relating to geology, geochemistry and the modern mining cycle
    • To provide information about the diverse career opportunities within the mining industry
    • To connect participants with industry professionals
    • To offer unique and engaging science and technology experiences in settings beyond the classroom 
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Program Design

Mining Matters works with community, government, and corporate partners to support
Mining Rocks Earth Science Programs.  Whether as a summer camp or incorporated into the students’ school day, the program provides an exciting educational experience that takes learning to the next level!

The Mining Rocks programs typically last between three to five days, and are tailored to meet the learning requirements, logistical needs, and expectations of the community, attendees, and sponsors. When possible, we will also host a special two-hour Community Engagement Event, open to all members of the community. 

Industry Engagement and Field Trips

Mining Matters is dedicated to creating a space and place for industry engagement with participants to illustrate experiences with the company and in the field.  These visiting professionals often come from the sponsoring company of the program, but may also include outside experts such as government representatives and/or other industry representatives.

When opportunities such as project-site or field visits are available, they are incorporated and are often led by experienced industry professionals.  Safety and proper safety procedures are imperative topics covered and practiced during these excursions.


Below is a breakdown of the general areas of focus and their related topics during a typical program:


  • Structure of the Earth
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Rock cycle
  • Rock identification
  • Mineral identification
  • Crystal forms
  • Geologic time
  • Fossils
  • Maps and surveying


  • Local geology
  • Compass and GPS intro
  • Simulated exploration mapping
  • Cross-sections
  • Geo physics
  • Prospecting
  • Claim staking
  • Diamond drilling

Dev & Ops

  • Development
  • Operations
  • Surface and underground mining
  • Economics/ commodities
  • Skilled trades
  • Mineral separation - Processing
  • Health and safety


  • Environment
  • Hydrologic cycle
  • Water sampling and testing
  • Soil sampling and testing
  • Geochemistry
  • Biodiversity
  • Basic reclamation principles


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  • Mining New Opportunities
  • AHRC Guiding Circles
  • Mining your potential
  • Mining information kit
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