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Focusing on excellence in Indigenous education and outreach with a commitment to providing exceptional learning experiences and community partnerships.

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School Programs

School Programs

Supporting teachers through professional development workshops and hands-on resources.

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Public Outreach

Raising awareness through interactive activities at events across Canada.

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Engaging industry to support our mandate since 1994.

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News and Publications

2023 Annual Newsletter


The 2023 Annual Industry Newsletter is now available for download. Click here for more information

groundWORK 2022-2023

Our latest educators' newsletter is now available! Click here to learn about critical minerals, new workshops and resources, virtual fieldtrip ideas, an evaporite experiment, and more!
Cover Image - EN-2022-3-groundWORK-WEB

Online Learning

We’ve compiled a series of DIY activities for kids about Earth science, the minerals industry and its importance to society. We like to think of our DIY activities as GEMS, because they explore
Geology, Engineering, Mining and Sustainability.

So grab your hard hat and get ready to dig into a mine load of fun!


Spanish Activity Book

Cover - Spanish Activity

The Mining Matters Activity book is now available in SPANISH!

Click here for more information.

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Mighty Miner

Activities and Announcements

WHERE Challenge Mini

Much like our annual WHERE Challenge, WHERE Challenge Mini is designed to inspire youth to discover the non-renewable resources that are used to make the items we use every day.

Each individual contest is a condensed version of the larger WHERE Challenge for those who are unable to enter the main contest.

Visit to learn more.
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