Fun Fact!

The world's second largest diamond was recently found in Botswana by Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond Corp. It measures 1,111 carats - which is about the size of a tennis ball!

Did you know?

Zinc is critical for child development. Of all the micronutrients, it has the strongest effect on our immune system.

Source: International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)

About Our Resources

Mining Matters makes Earth science accessible to everyone.  To facilitate this, we have compiled several resources for all those interested in learning more. 

Here you will find links to:
  • Education resources for both students and teachers
  • Links to informative websites
  • Places to go
  • Organizations, both Canadian and international
  • Related government sites
  • Information on careers within the mineral sector

Education Resources

Are you a teacher or student looking for information relevant to your curriculum or courses? In this section information on available classroom resources can be found including newsletters, posters, activities and lesson plans.

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This section contains links from external geoscience organizations.

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Career Information

Do you like being out doors, asking questions and working on a team? If so, a career in Earth science may be of interest to you!

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Geoscience Aware Challenge

The Geoscience Aware Challenge is a joint project by Mining Matters, the Canadian Geoscience Education Network (CGEN), Manitoba Girl Guides of Canada and the Manitoba Geological Survey’s Manitoba Rocks! mineral education and awareness program.  

This handbook outlines principles of geoscience and fun activities to help Guiders explore each principle. It includes detailed instruction and activities to help you dig deeper into Earth science. You are welcome to substitute your own activities to achieve learning outcomes for each principle, or to add your own geoscience-themed learning activities in and around Manitoba. 

Geoscience Aware Challenge Handbook