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Mining Matters is a national charitable organization dedicated to educating young people to develop knowledge and awareness of Earth sciences, the minerals industry and their roles in society. We provide current information about rocks, minerals, metals, mining and the diverse career opportunities available in the minerals industry. Mining Matters offers exceptional educational resources that meet provincial curriculum expectations, created by educators and Earth science experts.

Mining Matters has reached an estimated 800,000 teachers, students and members of the public since inception in 1994.

Goals of Mining Matters

  • Involve youth in exploring Earth science and the minerals industry through meaningful learning activities and innovative STEM education programs.
  • Provide engaging hands-on mineral resources programming and practical mining educational opportunities for Indigenous youth.
  • Equip teachers with curriculum-linked classroom resources and offer professional development training to effectively teach curricula related to mineral resources, exploration, mining, and Earth science.
  • Inform youth about career opportunities in mining and mineral exploration industries.

Programs and Outreach

Indigenous Communities Education and Outreach Programs

  • We work with community, corporate and government partners to support our Mining Rocks Earth Science Programs and facilitate future employment in the minerals resource sector.
  • Our program engages Indigenous youth and educators in hands-on Earth science activities and field trips, providing the opportunity to develop skills, competencies and knowledge while promoting awareness of careers.
  • We organize and participate in Indigenous community events, career fairs and relevant conferences and festivals.

Teacher Training and School Programs

  • We work with teachers and students at all levels promoting the importance of rocks, metals, minerals and mining and Canada’s geology.
  • Students experience STEM activities and hands-on learning, investigate Earth science careers and engage with industry experts and partners from mineral exploration and mining industries..
  • Teachers receive Earth science resources developed by teachers for teachers that meet provincial curricula guidelines and the training to successfully implement the classroom activities.

Outreach Programs

  • We build awareness and knowledge with the public and promote careers at gem and minerals shows, industry trade shows, educational events and career fairs across Canada.
  • At the annual Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada’s International Convention, Trade Show and Investors Exchange, we showcase our achievements.
  • We present the WHERE Challenge, a national competition that asks students ages 9 to 14 “What on Earth is in your stuff and WHERE on Earth does it come from?"

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