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Fun Fact!

The world's second largest diamond was recently found in Botswana by Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond Corp. It measures 1,111 carats - which is about the size of a tennis ball!

Did you know?

Zinc is critical for child development. Of all the micronutrients, it has the strongest effect on our immune system.

Source: International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)

These audio-visual resources help bring Earth science to life.

  • Geologic Journey I

    (CBC Series/DVD)
    This five-part series, first aired in 2007, chronicles the history of Canada's landscape. A special educational edition of Geologic Journey I includes a bound copy of the 70-page Geologic Journey Teacher Resource Guide (also available as a free download).


  • Mining New Opportunities

    (Video/Teacher’s Resource and Speaker’s Guide – Youtube) 
    Produced by the Ontario Mining Association (OMA), the Mining New Opportunities video is intended to help First Nations residents better understand the mineral industry and the employment and entrepreneurial opportunities it offers. Available in Cree, Oji-Cree, Ojibway, English and French.

  • NickelQuest

    (Video – Youtube)
    Offering a virtual mine tour, NickelQuest was developed by the Ontario Mining Association to help teach students about mining industry careers in an entertaining and informative fashion.

  • Geologic Journey II

    (CBC Series/DVD)
    This five-part series, explores the geologic forces that shape our planet - and our lives.  From some of the highest mountaintops to the lowest salt plains, and from the center of violent volcanoes to the deep trenches beneath the ocean floor, Geologic Journey II travels with some of the world's most outstanding geologists as they decipher the mysteries of the earth's evolution.

  • Rocks and Water

    Canadian musician Chris Rawlings put together Rocks and Water, a collection of music and songs with an Earth science theme.

  • Rocks by Joan Corner

    (CD Resource)


    Canadian teacher and music specialist Joan Corner created Rocks, an integrated teaching unit on rocks and minerals. The music-based, creative approach offers a unique learning experience. You can order this two-CD set directly from the Mineral Resources Education Program of BC for $20.00 plus shipping and handling. 


  • Ground Rules

    (Video and DVD)
    Produced by Caterpillar and Science North, "Ground Rules: Mining Right for a Sustainable Future" follows the development of new and operating mines as geologists, engineers and mine managers tackle complex problems. The film draws on the experiences and achievements of other mine sites to illustrate creative and core concepts of sustainable development and social responsibility.