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Mine Games

Student Information

WHERE Challenge

Calling all students aged 9 to 14!

Solve a puzzle, build a mine, prevent a disaster—who says learning can’t be fun?

Geology and Earth Science Quizzes
Laugh and learn with geology jokes and fun quizzes

Mineral Games
Work through word searches, trivia questions, and colouring book learning 

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) On-line Activities
Try your hand at an archaeological dig, learn how fossils are formed, or learn about dinosaurs

Stop Disasters Game
Prevent destruction in a disasters simulation game—earthquakes, tsunamis, and more

The Dirt on Soil
Interactive soil safari for kids from Discovery Channel Education 

The Learning Zone
Check out fossils , rocks, and minerals in a whole collection of games  

Volcano World Games and Fun Stuff
See simulated eruptions, try puzzles, and more