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Resource kits are available in English or French, through a prerequisite in-service workshop. Workshops can be arranged for between 10 to 24 teachers, anywhere in Canada, with four weeks prior notice. Click here to book a workshop

Junior/Elementary - Deeper and Deeper: Discovering Rocks and Minerals

Examine rocks and minerals and investigate their importance in your life. Explore how soil and erosion affect landscape and land usage. Discover the benefits and costs of using products made from mined materials. The Deeper and Deeper kit includes:

  • 39 lesson plans, each including student activity cards
  • Word document of Student Blackline Master for easy modifications and photocopying
  • Mineral testing equipment
  • 36 rock and 29 mineral samples needed for the activities
  • Posters, photographs, DVD, diagrams, book, card game used in the activities
  • Additional resources such as word wall cards, posters and fact sheets
  • Sturdy storage container

Cost: $60.00 - includes the kit and a prerequisite in-service workshop (Shipping and handling extra)


Mining Matters Deeper and Deeper online tutorials are now here to help guide you through the activities in this resource kit. The tutorials provide training for teachers whose remote locations prevent them from participating in an "in-person" workshop, for teachers who have already participated in a training session and would like to refresh their knowledge and for those who have discovered a Deeper and Deeper resource in their school and require training to the deliver the materials. Click here to watch them now.

Intermediate/Middle - The Earth's Crust

Explore the theory of plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, geothermal energy, rocks, minerals, Earth's resources, soils and provincial geology. The Mining Matters II kit includes:

  • 35 lesson plans and activities with overhead transparencies
  • Diagram maters of easy photocopying
  • Mineral testing equipment
  • 39 rock and 33 mineral samples needed for the activities
  • Maps and fossil cards
  • Additional resources such as DVDs, posters, career information and books
  • Sturdy storage container

Cost: $65.00 - includes the kit and a prerequisite in-service workshop (Shipping and handling extra)

Senior/Secondary - Discovering Diamonds: A Canadian Earth Science Curriculum Resource

Using authentic data and hands-on experiences students will learn about Earth science through activities linked by the theme of Canada's world-class diamond bearing deposits. Diamond formation reveals knowledge of the Earth's formation and structure. Modern technology that is being applied to the discovery, extraction and processing of diamonds requires understand of internal and surficial processes.  The Discovering Diamonds kit includes:

  • 21 hands-on activities that encourage critical thinking and bring in elements of every area of Earth science
  • Kimberlite and indicator mineral samples; view a kimberlite pipe animation
  • Map: Northern Canada: Nunavut and Northwest Territories - Mining and Exploration
  • Explore for More career resources
  • CD-ROM: Diamonds from the Tundra: The EKATI Story 
  • CD-ROM: Diavik: Constructing the Legacy
  • Slideshow presentation with photographs of diamonds, geological field methods, glacial landscapes and diamond mines
  • Resource files: Digital versions of data and fact sheets used in student activities

Cost: $75.00 - includes the kit and a prerequisite in-service workshop (Shipping and handling extra)

Portions of this project were generously supported by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment which established the Youth Science and Technology Grant Program to help non-profit organizations create resources that raise young people's awareness of science and technology.