Mining Matters is a charitable organization dedicated to bringing knowledge and awareness about Canada’s geology and mineral resources to students, educators and the general public. Your personal or corporate contribution supports the development and delivery of our leading edge core educational programs: 

  • Indigenous Communities Education and Outreach Programs
  • Teacher Training and School Programs
  • Activities and Events

We are pleased to appropriately recognize your generosity through Mining Matters Industry Newsletter, select PDAC Convention materials, special event signage and on our website.

You can:

Donate shares


Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada Mining Matters
1102-150 Ferrand Drive
Toronto ON M3C 3E5
[email protected]

Giving options include:

  • Donating cash
  • Sponsoring a special event
  • Donating an item for our annual silent auction
  • Donating securities (bonds, stocks, annuities, insurance policies) **
  • Leaving a legacy by making a bequest in your will **

**For more about donating shares or leaving a legacy in your will, please see below. 

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To discuss other ways you can support Mining Matters, please contact us at 416-863-6463 ext. 334 or [email protected].

Donating Cash

For individuals who have not donated previously to charities there is now the First Time 
Donor’s Super Credit (FDSC). However this only applies to cash donations and not contributing shares. The FDSC will supplement the Charitable Donation Tax Credit with an additional 25% tax credit for a first time donor on up to $1,000 of cash donations. Accordingly, a first-time donor will be entitled to a 40% federal credit for donations of $200 or less, and a 54% federal credit for the portion of donations over $200 but not exceeding $1,000.

There are also provincial tax credits but these vary province to province. For example in Ontario the combined tax credits would give you a $611 tax credit for every $1,000 donated and in Quebec it would be $743. An individual will be considered a “first-time” donor if neither the taxpayer nor their spouse has claimed the FDSC in any taxation year after 2007.

Donating Shares

Donating shares to a charitable non-profit organization such as Mining Matters may be of particular interest to those in the mining industry, due to the considerable potential tax benefits.

The elimination of capital gains on stocks, bonds, and mutual funds means that your contribution to Mining Matters will result in a tax receipt equal to the fair market value of your gift. Rather than being subject to the 50 per cent capital gains tax payable on shares sold during your lifetime, accrued capital gains on donated shares are exempt from taxes. You’ll be able to use the entire amount of your tax credit against other sources of income. In effect, the tax benefit arising from your gift is the same as if the donated securities were cash. 

The donation of flow through shares can produce even greater benefit, as a deduction is offered at the time of purchase and a tax credit is generated when the shares are gifted. 

To learn more about donating securities, including flow through shares, please contact Edward Thompson at 416-366-6083 or [email protected], or Durham Sims, Mining Matters Investment Advisor at RBC Dominion Securities at 416-842-3086, 800-561-4468 or [email protected]. Both Mr. Thompson and Mr. Sims serve the organization in a volunteer capacity.

Legacy Giving: An Investment in the Future 

Consider leaving a legacy of support for Mining Matters. By planning a gift, such as a bequest or life insurance, you can achieve your financial, philanthropic, and estate planning goals. You’ll give substance to your values and make a grand gesture of generosity that lasts beyond your lifetime. 

A gift to Mining Matters would provide lasting benefits through our programs to educate students, teachers, and the general public about Canada’s geology and mineral resource endowment, and promote awareness of the importance of rocks, metals, minerals, and mining. A planned gift may enable you to make a more significant gift than you thought possible. Through legacy giving, you can

  • Reduce your taxable estate by the value of your bequest
  • Distribute your assets according to your wishes
  • Leave a legacy for tomorrow without giving up assets today
Please remember Mining Matters and the important work that we do.