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WHERE Challenge Mini

Mining Matters is adding a new series of contests to complement our annual WHERE Challenge.

In this series of mini challenges, a new contest will be announced each month during which participants will have a chance to win some awesome prizes, including colouring books, personal protective equipment and more!

Read the full contest rules to the right to learn how you can enter. All winners will be selected by random draw.

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About the Contest

Much like our annual WHERE Challenge, WHERE Challenge Mini is designed to inspire youth to discover the non-renewable resources that are used to make the items we use every day. Each individual contest is a condensed version of the larger WHERE Challenge for those who are unable to enter the main contest.

*Please note that this contest is only available to Canadian residents.*

Click here to view contest rules.

To participate in the contest, complete the REGISTRATION FORM.

June Contest

A calculator with a solar panel at the top. A farmhouse with solar panels on the roof.
A satellite using solar panels for power.Garden lights powered by small solar panels.

June 5 is World Environment Day. One way we can help preserve our environment is by turning to renewable energy, such as solar. Solar energy comes from the sun and is clean and abundant. Some of the oldest applications of solar energy were for heating, cooking, and drying. Today, solar panels have many uses. They can be found in battery packs and phone chargers; most calculators have small solar cells; garden lights will often be solar powered; and satellites (phones and GPS devices) are often powered by solar panels. What's more, street lights in cities are being converted to solar as they are replaced. 

Though the sun may be generous with the energy it provides, it's important to remember that clean energy sources require the use of specific materials, many of which are mined. This month, we want you to peel back the panels and discover just what it takes for the sun to heat our homes and power our devices.

The Challenge: Name a non-renewable resource used to make solar panels.

Bonus Entry: Name where in Canada this resource is mined or name a country outside of Canada where they mine this resource.

How to Enter:
1. Complete the registration form. Parental/legal guardian consent is required. Please ensure that your parent or guardian checks their email after you submit the registration form as it will include further instructions on how to complete the process.
2. Send your answers with your full name to [email protected]

*Once you have registered, you can submit as many answers as you would like. Each unique answer will get you an extra entry into the draw*.

Deadline to enter: June 20 at 11:59 PM EDT. A winner will be selected by random draw on June 21 and will be sent an email. 
Prize: The winner will receive a Mining Matters Prize Pack full of geology-themed activities.
Mining Matters thanks all participants.