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Welcome to our DIY Activities page where you will find games, crafts, engineering challenges and more! Mining Matters relies on the support of individuals, corporations and organizations to develop activities like the ones you see here. If you would like to support our initiatives and make a donation, please visit our donation page.

Different Volcanoes

Kimberlite Explosion
Learn about different types of volcanoes with this explosive experiment!

Can't find film canisters? Try mini Play-Doh containers, snap together Easter eggs,  or any small container with a tight fitting snap on lid.

Edible Earth Layers

Edible Earth Layers
Try this tasty activity, and create a cross section model of the Earth's layers.

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Toilet Tissue Timeline

Toilet Paper
How old is the Earth? When did dinosaurs live? Find out with this Toilet Tissue Timeline!

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Folding and Faulting

Folding and Faulting
Folding and Faulting!? What is that? Learn how these bends form in rocks using Play-Doh®.

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