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Looking for Judges!

Mining Matters seeks to expand its pool of eligible and available judges for the WHERE Challenge and is reaching out in search of industry and educational volunteers nationwide. If you currently possess a degree in a geoscience, education (junior and intermediate levels), resource management, environmental studies or technology, and work in a related field, you are eligible to evaluate this year’s project entries. Volunteering as a judge requires a short-term commitment of up to ten hours. 

If you would like to be a judge for the WHERE Challenge contest please complete a registration form. Click here for more information.
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About the Contest

Managed by Mining Matters, the WHERE Challenge replaces our long-running Junior Miner Competition with a national contest that asks students aged 9 to 14 “What on Earth is in your stuff?” and “WHERE on Earth does it come from?” WHERE stands for the fields in which geoscientists work: Water, Hazards, Energy, Resources, and Environment. 

Launched in September of each year, the WHERE Challenge runs until the following March, offering up to $10,000 in regional and national prizes. 

This contest presents Earth sciences material to students in a way they can relate to. It excites them about learning, promoting awareness and appreciation of our planet and of employment opportunities in the mining, energy, and environmental sectors. 

The WHERE Challenge allows for cross-curricular collaboration and thematic teaching; art, English, social studies, technology, and science departments can all get involved.

Click here to view contest rules.

To enter into the contest and for more information go to the contest website.