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What is a Mine? Colouring Book

Fun Fact!

The world's second largest diamond was recently found in Botswana by Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond Corp. It measures 1,111 carats - which is about the size of a tennis ball!

Did you know?

Mining Matters has reached an estimated 600,000 teachers, students and members of the public since its inception in 1994.

Welcome to the world of the Mighty Miner (MM for short)! Through this 20 page activity book, MM will be your guide through an adventure that will help you to answer the question: "What is a mine?"

Digital copies are available for download by clicking the links below. For copies or for more information, please contact [email protected]

What is a Mine? English version
What is a Mine? French version

This colouring book has been developed with compliments of Barrick Gold.