Outreach Programs

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Zinc is critical for child development. Of all the micronutrients, it has the strongest effect on our immune system.

Source: International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)

“PDAC Mining Matters programs provide students with information on the importance of mining in society, education on local geology and career opportunities in the mining industry. The results of Mining Matters to date are very encouraging…..little kids coming home after school showing little bits of rock to their mum and dad and being able to identify what type of rock it is, in Inuktitut and English, and saying that they want to be a geologist when they grow up. The PDAC Mining Matters helps to create that spark of interest. This is important to Agnico Eagle as the PDAC Mining Matters program helps to sets the stage to ensure a more interested, capable and educated labor force.”
-Graeme Dargo, Superintendent, Community Engagement Nunavut, AEM


Mining Matters raises awareness about rocks, minerals, metals and mining through interactive activities at community, educational and industry events across Canada. During each event we strive to:
  • Highlight the fact that most of the objects used in everyday life are composed of or produced by products of mining
  • Inform the public about career opportunities in mining and mineral exploration industries
  • Educate Canadians about the modern mining cycle that ranges from exploration through to reclamation
  • Share information about the diverse modern technologies that are developed and used by the mining industry to increase safety, environmental protection and efficiency

Rock & Mineral Clubs / Shows

There are lots of rock, mineral, and gem collecting clubs and shows in Canada.

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Carassauga, May 2015 - Serena doing sand castle mining 2