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Fun Fact!

The world's second largest diamond was recently found in Botswana by Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond Corp. It measures 1,111 carats - which is about the size of a tennis ball!

Did you know?

Zinc is critical for child development. Of all the micronutrients, it has the strongest effect on our immune system.

Source: International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)

Core Concepts

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Mining Matters Core Concepts are standalone classroom ready activities that reflect key foundational ideas in Earth science. Sourced from our archives of curriculum-linked teacher resources, each activity reflects an integral part of many important concepts and theories in the various disciplines that comprise the Geosciences.

In an effort to be of service to all of our teacher-partners, these activities have been assembled as a way to support individual teachers without the need to attend a pre-requisite teacher training workshop. All the contents of the Core Concepts resource support current teaching practices that values hands-on experience where students take an active role in learning. Any rocks and minerals samples as well as print resources required for successful classroom delivery can be sourced through Mining Matters.

Core Concepts Backgrounder Evaluation

Core Concepts Structure of the Earth

Core Concepts Rocks and Minerals

Core Concepts Soil and Erosion

Core Concepts Mining Cycle

Core Concepts Social and Environmental Responsibility