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The Field Trip Subsidy is currently closed for the year, please check back next school year.

Field Trip Subsidy Application Procedures

Field trip subsidies are intended to underwrite transportation cost and admission fees, and are not normally used to cover meals, and/or substitution expenses. This application form must be completed 4-weeks (minimum) in advance of your geoscience themed excursion and submitted to Mining Matters for approval.

Please read carefully:

Since 1994, Mining Matters has offered a highly successful Field Trip Subsidy to enrich Earth science learning. The subsidies are intended to underwrite the cost of transportation and entrance fees to geoscience venues as well as stone, sand, and gravel operations. Mining Matters now welcomes applications for trips involving Earth materials, processing, and manufacturing. We encourage both active outdoor field exploration, such as visits to quarries and rehabilitated mine sites, and rock walks, as well as indoor excursions to museums and science centres to experience and reinforce geoscience concepts.

The 2022-2023 Field Trip Subsidy Application is closed. Mining Matters looks forward to supporting you and your students in making these educational experiences available.


  1. Tier 1 per single school excursion: Teachers who have completed an in-service workshop, use Mining Matters teaching resources in their classroom, and are registered in our active teacher database, are eligible to apply for funding up to $500 once per academic year per single school excursion.  Multiple teachers from the same school may apply, however, the maximum subsidy per school is $500.

  2. Tier 2 per single school excursion:  Any Canadian teacher wishing to access field trip funding, and does not yet use Mining Matters teaching resources, qualifies for a one-time disbursement of up to $250.   Multiple teachers from the same school may apply, however, the maximum subsidy per school is $250.  *Conditions apply*.

All subsidies, regardless of tier, are disbursed on a first-come, first served basis. Teachers must apply for the subsidy in advance of the travel. In all cases applicants will be notified by Mining Matters if funding is still available. Please allow at least seven business days for your request to be processed. Only COMPLETE applications will be considered.

How to Apply

  1. Formally arrange your class trip by making a reservation with the venue and the transportation company you have chosen.

  2. Complete and submit the online application form, please ensure you have the following documents:
    (i) the field trip booking confirmation received from the venue and/or transportation company,
    (ii) a written request, on school letter head stating the amount requested.
    your application is received and reviewed, you will be emailed a confirmation that funds, pending availability, are being held for your class.

  3. After your field trip:
    Notify the team at Mining Matters by emailing [email protected]. You will be provided with details of the contact name and address of the program sponsor and given instructions about writing a letter of appreciation for the assistance.  In addition, you will be required to provide verification of trip completion in the form of paid invoices (copies will suffice) for the entrance fees and transportation services.  A cheque for the amount of the subsidy will be mailed to your school within 30 days of receiving of all required documentation.