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Notre Dame Catholic High School
Rob Millard

One challenge with teaching science is trying to get the students to make connections between the content, their lives and possible career opportunities.  In March of 2014 supported by a subsidy from Mining Matters, my grade 9 and grade 10 academic science classes had a fantastic opportunity to make these connections and many more...Click here for full tale

Due to an overwhelming response to our virtual workshops, we have currently reached our capacity for bookings. Please complete the registration form below to add your name to the waiting list.

Mining Matters is now offering virtual student workshops! Student workshops are available at a cost of $3.00 per student. The total fee is non-taxable and there are no additional fees.  Browse through some of the topic ideas presented and consider applying today.

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Virtual Geoscience Workshops

Mining Matters to Students

Mining Matters now offers student workshops that will have your students working to identify properties of Earth materials while engaging in lively discussions to better understand where and how these resources form. Your students will actively develop critical thinking skills and apply inductive / deductive reasoning to identify a variety of samples. Mining Matters student geoscience workshops include local and regional perspectives by showcasing samples that are sourced in Canada. 

Workshops can be adapted as required, to focus on one or two objectives:
1. A workshop that is an introductory session to activate prior knowledge
2. A workshop that reinforces concepts, topics, and or theories already covered about the subject matter, by the teacher

Please complete the request form in full. Incomplete forms will not be accepted by the booking platform. If you would like to book more than one workshop please submit a separate form for each class. Your student workshop request should be submitted for consideration at least 3 weeks before the requested date. The Mining Matters Education Team looks forward to working with you and your students.

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Students will review the difference between rocks and minerals, see some of the tests geologist use to help identify different minerals, use their observations to identify minerals and gain an understanding of why some minerals can be different colours.

Students will gain an understanding of how each of the 3 rock groups are formed, discover some of the clues to look for to help determine which of the rock group a rock is from, and then use those clues to identify a rock.

Students will look at posters and maps to learn more about what is available in Canada and mined in Ontario. They will also have an opportunity to learn more about the mining process and the mining cycle.

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the difference between renewable resources and non-renewable resources, and learn more about what is in the items they interact with everyday and where those resources come from. 

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